The luxury of silence


Villa Neri: the realm of silence and tranquillity.

Villa Neri Resort & Spa is an exclusive hotel with elegant rooms, a gourmet restaurant, a welcoming and intimate wellness centre and a big outdoors pool with salted water surrounded by a flourishing garden.


A house full of Sicily

The hotel has been built according to the criteria of the bio-architecture. As in the ancient noble houses, the outside  features two colours, the classical powder blue and matte red, which come from the Sicilian traditional villas.

For the building of the Villa, natural Sicilian materials have been used, such as crushed crock for the powder blue of  the plasters, combined with the white stone of the Ragusa area, the fire red and lava black for the courtyards, the sandstone rock from Taormina for the outside flooring and the white marble for the internal one.


Rooms and Suites

Of the 24 rooms, we have 9 suites with hot tub, balconies or terraces, and small private cellars, which offer a selection of wines, white and red, produced both by the Neri family and the wineries from the area. In the room you will be able to find several formats of wine glasses for each type of wine.

Lodges Spa and Natura

Surrounded by amazing and flourishing vineyards, they gift a unique and untouched view of the Etna volcano.



Several are the ways in which Villa Neri Resort & SPA supports the environment, following the family policy that the  Neri family applies to all of their businesses. Starting from the use of energy coming from renewable energy that covers the 95% of the energy needs of the resort. With the solar panels we produce hot water, with the photovoltaic
panels we produce the electricity, for a power of 210kWp which reduce the CO2 emissions of 158 tonnes per year.  The heating and conditioning systems are powered by heat pumps at a high yield, whereas the sterilization of the pool is done with salt, not with chlorine. All of the waste is separate and the organic one is used as fertilizer for the green areas.

Available extra services
  • Transfer to and from the airport, train stations and the surrounding attractions (a reservation necessary);
  • Car Rental;
  • Excursions on Mt. Etna and the entire Sicilian island;
  • Baby-sitting (upon request).
  • Bike or jeep excursions, hiking or trekking experiences;
  • Planning of tailor-made experiences;
  • Quad, horse-riding tours.